National Gem Testing Center of China

Report on investigations of the Tibet andesine mines....

The National Gem Testing Center of China went to Tibet area to investigate the reports of large deposits of gem quality, copper bearing andesine coming from the area. Below is their report. There are four important quotes that are critical, and are direct from the report of the National Gem Testing Center of China who actually visited and tested this site. They are below and direct from the report that also follows....



1. "In Lhasa and Shigatse none of the people interviewed knew of the occurrence and existence of the red feldspar in Tibet. They all
stated that they had neither seen nor heard of red feldspar found in Tibet."

2. "We found that the adhering materials on the surfaces of the rough red feldspar crystals were mainly glassy, enriched with copper and iron impurities, suggesting that the 'red feldspar' had been subjected to high temperature treatment with colouring elements added.."

3. "Based on our investigations, we find it hard to believe that there are gem grade feldspar deposits in the BaiLang and Jiangze areas
of Tibet. "

4. "In our opinion, the red feldspar samples that we collected and recovered from the supposed mining areas during our field
investigations were deliberately planted on the ground surface and within loose surface soil."

Below is the actual report from the National Gem Testing Center of China:

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If you add to these reports the mineralogical report by Dr. Joel Arem that proved the claim of andesine forming in the manner claimed by Hughes to be unknown, and the geological report by Geologist Roni Poteat that showed the location of the claimed mine deposit from the claimed volcanic source could not have happened....the evidence is clear. The expedition reports by Richard W. Hughes are a combined hoax, intended on furthering the Tibet andesine fiasco that has been perpetrated for years on consumers.

We want to note that the two biggest pieces of evidence that Hughes could have provided to prove his claims are missing from any of his reports:

  1. Actual untreated andesine specimens that would stand up to independent lab testing, and

  2. Geological proof of the origin of the andesine including specimens in the original volcanic matrix rock.

Richard W. Hughes cannot provide either. He has provided not one iota of evidence either in the geology or mineralogy field. And the specimens he has presented have been exposed as having been treated.

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There is no other conclusion possible than the Richard W. Hughes Tibet Andesine Expeditions were hoaxes as the National Gem Testing Center of China surmised. Contrived stories to cover up a multi-million dollar fraud that was perpetrated on the industry and consumers.

To learn more about the multi-million dollar Tibet andesine hoax and the people who perpetrated it, please visit this website at the link below:

Tibet Andesine: The True Story